~ From Oregon Clientele ~

Lynlee is not only an amazing masseuse, she is so kind and easy to talk to!! I highly recommend her and am already looking forward to my next session!!***update***I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for almost 2 years now, after an hour with Lynlee, I spent the rest of the weekend doing all the things I love but haven't been able to do anymore! My feet aren't cured, but the relief she gave me almost brought me to tears!!! Thank you!!!

I went today for "the works". it was amazing. hands down best massage I have had. I would definitely recommend.

I was surprised when I booked my massage and found out she was having a special. I received a 90 minute massage for the price of a 60 minute massage! I had a couple areas that needed work and I felt great when I left. I did not have any pain the next day, from too rough or too long of a massage. I would highly recommend and so grateful she is right in Brownsville!

 I keep going back!! I am feeling great. My low back and joints have been feeling great. I walk out feeling refreshed and ready to go!

I got my very first massage today and Lynlee was amazing. She has a calming personality and made me feel at ease. Lynlee was also obviously experienced and knowledgeable, she gave me helpful advice. The environment was tranquil and the massage was so relaxing. I can't wait to go back to try her other massages and treatments!

A great massage that relieved my aches, pains and stiffness! It was so very relaxing! A beautiful, friendly, warm and very therapeutic place. I will be going back for more ! Thank you!

Lynlee is amazing. I was in a car accident years ago, that caused major issues in my neck, and everytime I get a massage from her, I can feel my neck loosening up. The atmosphere is great.

Excellent massage and peaceful space! I felt the blocked energy from body trauma that was causing pulled muscles, to release and energy flow is much improved! Thanks, Lynlee!!

~ From California Clientele ~ 

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Lynlee Bischoff. I have known Lynlee for almost 10 years as a professional and as a friend. She possesses many talents.
As a massage therapist, Lynlee demonstrates great knowledge of human anatomy. Her ability to tune into what the body needs is astounding, yet is intuitive after her 30 years as a therapist. She creates a soothing and welcoming atmosphere for her clients. Lynlee's demeanor as a therapist is warm and very professional.  As a massage therapist, she is the best I have ever had. As a friend, I could not ask for better. Oregon's gain is our loss.
Susan S
San Jose.

How do I describe the very best massages I have experienced? Lynlee has been my massage therapist for over 22 years. Her work has had a profound impact on my body and mind. She intuitively adapts her technique and seems to know just exactly what I need. Through decades of training and experience she has learned many techniques and uses different modalities to treat the whole body. As a result of her massages I have been able to better handle stress, restore my sleep and just feel more grounded. Through her healing touch I find myself rested and renewed. I adore her, and have found her to be a wise, gentle, comforting soul.
Nancy R.
Los Gatos

I've known Lynlee for over a year. I've always been impressed with how friendly, competent and organized she is... not to mention the amazing quality of her massages. Lynlee is easy going and I recommend her wholeheartedly.
San Jose, CA

Lynlee and I have been in contact in her professional capacity as a massage therapist for more than 10 years. Under her care I have received nothing but exceptional service, both from Lynlee the therapist and Lynlee the business owner.
Lynlee has a way of puting a client at ease, asking questions to determine if there are any special needs during the treatment and utilizing the numerous disciplines she has studied over the years to provide the appropriate massage for where the body "is" at that point in time. I have always been satisfied with how my body is feeling after a treatment.
She also has very strong business skills. Massage therapists, like many service based providers, rely on the time they have available to generate their livelihood. A missed appointment, or an appointment time not scheduled, is lost revenue. Lynlee sends out up beat and easy to follow emails to her client base to notify them of upcoming appointments and sometimes offers special discounts for appointments in the near future that might otherwise go unused.
As a person, Lynlee is upbeat, funny, friendly, intelligent and resourceful. She has a diverse set of interests that she pursues with passion and joy. She looks for new possibilities and does not let fear keep her from trying something unfamiliar. And, she loves dogs... what more could you ask for in a friend!
Sarah C.
San Jose, CA

Lynlee kept my lower back and right shoulder "greased" with massages for 10 years. She respects the person, the body, and nature. She's very capable, efficient, intelligent, and very pleasant to be around, with a ready smile. She would be a fine addition to any staff.
Kathie M.
Saratoga, CA

I have been a client of Lynlee's for about 20 years. She is a very professional, knowledgeable and caring masseuse. I have suffered three whiplash injuries and Lynlee was able to relieve the tension and stress associated with those injuries utilizing her Cranial Sacral skills in a gentle and effective manner. I also saw Lynlee just for a general well-being massage. She never disappoints me at those times either. Lynlee understands what the client needs and wants with very little explanation and is able to consistently deliver an experience that meets the needs presented. She is also very organized, and her office was always clean and inviting.
Gwen P.
Los Gatos, CA

I have been a client of Lynlee's for over 15 years and have found her expert and caring hands so helpful to me. Several years ago, I walked the 60 mile Avon Breast walk and Lynlee was involved in both preparing my 64 year old body for it and then helping with my recovery. She has also been helpful in easing sore and stiff back issues ever since. I was, along with many others, so sorry to have her leave the area as it was comforting to know she was here when I need her healing touch. I can't recommend her more highly.
Susan F. 
Los Gatos, CA

I have been a friend and client of Lynlee's for over 10 years. During this time I saw her either weekly or bi-weekly. She is an extraordinarily gifted therapist that really gets to know her clients needs and rhythms. During this time, I started an exercise routine that left me, come Thursday, very sore. Lynlee was fantastic in untying knots and soothing the muscles,. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology were heads and shoulders above other therapists I have used. She really knew what my body needed and skillfully applied it. I would recommend her without reservation.
Frank B.
Los Gatos, CA

I have been going to Lynlee for massage for over 10 years. I have always been happy with her work. I appreciate the cleanliness of her office (and the crisp, fresh linens). She is efficient and always very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely still be going to her if she had remained in this area! I highly recommend her.
Kathie G.
Los Gatos, CA

Testimonials From Clients