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A Swedish massage is perfect when you just need to relax and unwind. Generally a full-body massage designed to calm the nervous system and increase circulation while relieving tension and stress throughout your body.
30 minutes - $40
60 minutes - $75
90 minutes - $105

Deep Tissue
A deep tissue massage is uniquely tailored to address your specific aches and pains. This style incorporates a deeper pressure and myofascial release techniques to help release adhesions and melt away deeply held patterns of tension. This is the perfect massage if you suffer from low back, neck or shoulder pain.

Cranial Sacral Therapy 
This is a very gentle, non-invasive hands-on therapy performed with the client fully clothed. It focuses on the central nervous system, energy and cerebrospinal fluid to enhance the body's own healing capabilities. This treatment is perfect for everyone but especially those with neck issues involving trauma such as a whiplash injury or fall

Hot Stone
Hot Stone massage is one of the most luxurious ways to literally melt away the tension. Basalt volcanic stones are used as an extension of my hands to enhance and promote relaxation during a Swedish or deep tissue massage. The deeply penetrating heat helps to increase circulation and oxygenation to the muscles and connective tissue, causing a more effective relief with less pressure. Hot stones are utilized for all clients at no additional charge.

Payment Options:
Cash / Check (made payable to Lynlee Bischoff)
or Credit Card (convenience fee)