Happy Hands Treatment
Everything You Need To Know About Your Treatment

This treatment utilizes Kuumba Made salves. We carry all 6 of the Herbal First Aid Line, and will select whichever is best suited to your situation. A thorough application of salve is gently massaged into your hands and then they are dipped into the paraffin bath.

Paraffin has been used for decades for the heat treatment of arthritis, inflammation, strains, muscle spasms, and more. Paraffin is a drug-free, non-invasive method of applying heat to relieve muscle stiffness and joint pain. While other forms of heat therapy can dry skin out, paraffin actually leaves skin hydrated, soft and pliable. It does this in two ways - through the increase in circulation and topical moisturization. Since we utilize Kuumba Made Salves your skin is also given an incredible boost in healing surfaces issues, such as splits, as well as deeper issues in the muscles and joints.

While one hand is surrendering to the warmth of the paraffin, the other hand is being treated with light therapy. Light is an incredible healing tool, and its application here assists in the healing process, and the reduction of pain and inflammation.

After the paraffin bath and light therapy your hands are once again gently massaged with the healing salve and you are sent on your way.

This is a 45 minute treatment that will leave your hands feeling incredible!